Baby Boomers: The Most Infuential Generation in History

Baby Boomers are called those Americans who were born between 1946 and 1964. It was a special era in the US after the WWII – the country experienced a number of social and political upheavals that time. After that period, baby boomers were the most active and prosperous generation up to the era in which they arrived.

But why the Baby Boomers generation is so important throughout history?

After World War II, Americans wanted to live a normal and happy life. As a result, there were incredible numbers of births in those years. Many people decided to get married, have children and make their lives normal again. They wanted to find a purpose in life, because they have experienced 16 long years of depression and war. In fact, people who were born in this period of history have a number of impressive characteristics.

They were extremely confident and optimistic

They believed that their future would be prosperous and that they would have an amazing life. Actually they were right. During their lifetime everything worked out for the best; they managed to be successful and their businesses were very profitable.

They Moved to Suburbs

Baby boomers had the chance to build their own homes. They had the money to move to better neighborhoods and they managed to have a better quality of life. They started to build larger homes and they also made more spacious rooms for entertainment.

They Worked Hard to Succeed

Baby boomers worked hard in order to manage to live a better life. They were determined to work in order to be able to enjoy a higher quality of life. Even though they witnessed in some of the most crucial changes in the history of their country (between 1960 and 1970), they had great opportunities in many fields of their lives.

They believed they were a Very Special Generation

They considered themselves as a very different generation from those that had come before them. In fact, they believed that they were a special generation and they managed to create various opportunities for their families. They were determined to succeed; they believed that they are capable to make a great life and they actually managed to make their dreams come true.