How to use eye lash glue

Do you have lovely eyes? Several women may not understand how to answer this simple question since they have never focused on their eyes. Indeed, every woman has beautiful eyes, but those who have long, thick and darker wavy eyelashes appear more stupendous. This is just a standard VIP look, but it doesn’t mean that the ordinary rich divas have the best eyelash breed. They usually use fake strands, generally referred to adhesive extensions.

Nonetheless, all ladies can wear fake extensions by use of the right holding operator. However, choosing the suitable one can take a type of handwork since women always seek the referral from various sources. This could include reading blog remarks and articles with relevant information on the same. She can likewise explore thoughts from friends and loved ones to be able to select the best adhesive for a lash extension.

The best eyelash glue should be exceptionally solid in such a way that they can hold a lash even for months. Various adhesives in the market today can only hold lashes for two weeks maximum, the reason why finding the best one is not an easy task.

However, applying false eyelashes is a simple procedure, after picking the right ones for your eye structure and shape, all you need is to ensure that the application procedure is flawless. You need to do your makeup in the usual fashion but leave the eyes bare to do this. Hold each glueless eyelash exactly to match your lash line, start with the inner tear duct. Creating a scaled fan look, ensure that any excess is cropped from the outer ends of the lash, make sure the length is even.

By use of small scissors, clip the remaining lashes from the base also make sure to trim uneven strands to suit your liking.

Lastly, apply a thin layer of your best eyelash glue to the false lashes at their base, be sure only to line the bottom, then quickly press the glued line above your natural lash, make sure the glue adheres to your eyelid as opposed to your eyelashes. Begin at the inner tear duct, working towards your outer eye. After the lashes are in place, squeeze your natural lashes together with the false lashes and wait for a minute to allow the glue to dry. It is crucial to apply a thin layer of eyeliner at the base of the false lashes to blend in your look.