Is a Bounce House Safe for Kids? - A Guide to Keeping Your Children Safe

Inflatable hammocks, such as bouncy houses and moonwalks, are popular at children's birthday parties and summer carnivals. But is a bounce house safe for kids? The answer is yes, but with some important safety precautions. Children under the age of six should not play in bouncy houses. Only small groups of children (less than four) of similar size and age should play at the same time, but one child at a time is the safest way to play.

Young children don't have the proper coordination to avoid falling into uncomfortable positions. According to the report, more than 90 percent of injuries caused by inflatable games were related to bounces from the moon. Of those injuries, two-thirds affected people's arms and legs. Another 15 percent of the injuries affected the head or face.

Nearly nine out of 10 people injured were 14 years old or younger. Bouncy houses that fly in the wind may look fun, but it can actually cause serious injuries. Bouncy houses have been known to fly dozens of feet off the ground because they weren't properly secured. A recent study led by Choc found that the frequency and rate of pediatric injuries in inflatable houses have increased steadily since 2000. If your child is at a party that has a bouncy house, ask the owners what they have done to protect the house. Risk factors for a child being injured include the lack of effective adult supervision (the closed structure of the bouncy house can give parents a false sense of security, according to the study), the number of participants who overcome device use restrictions, and a combination of participants that includes different ages and weights, according to the report. Children should remove clothing, accessories, or sharp objects from their pockets when entering the bouncy house.

For example, he said, the requirement to place huge security tags outside the entrance of the bouncy house. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, but there are many measures along the way that can prevent most injuries on inflatable games. There are currently no federal safety standards for bouncy houses; they differ by manufacturer and policies may vary by state. Parents should always be aware of their children's activities in a bounce house and make sure they are following safety guidelines. If your child was injured in a bouncy house and medical bills are piling up, you may be entitled to compensation.

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