How Long Can an Inflatable House Last for Adults?

A well-maintained inflatable house can provide a rental company with years of use and a family with even longer lasting fun. Yes, adults can safely jump in most medium to large inflatable houses without worrying about causing damage. However, some of the smaller bouncy houses may not be suitable for adults due to their weight limits and maximum occupancy limits.

What Makes an Inflatable House Suitable for Adults?

The inflatable huts made for adult sweaters will be made of a stronger material and the seams that will hold them together will be of higher quality.

Each bouncy house will have the limits it was designed for, attached to the unit somewhere easily visible. The weight of a typical adult can put too much pressure on the bouncy house and cause it to break or deflate. When setting up a bouncy house for adults, keep in mind that you might want to go a little further when anchoring it.

How to Maintain an Inflatable House?

Cleaning the bouncy house will not only prevent dust from accumulating, but it is also important for safety reasons.

There are a couple of simple things you should keep in mind to know if your bouncy house is equipped to support the weight of an adult. The inner inflatable booths are made of nylon for areas that don't bounce, while the real jump area is reinforced with 18 ounce PVC. If you own a bouncy house rental company, you should take precautions to keep children who use your inflatables safe. I like to double my weight as a precaution.

If the weight limit of the bouncy house is more than double my weight, I'm pretty sure I could raise it.


In conclusion, an inflatable house can last for many years if taken care of properly and used within its limits. It is important to remember that adults should not use smaller bouncy houses due to their weight restrictions and maximum occupancy limits. When setting up an inflatable house for adults, extra precautions should be taken when anchoring it and cleaning it regularly is essential for safety reasons.

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