From Set-up To Clean-up: What To Expect When Renting A Bounce House For Your Child's Birthday Party In New Lenox

Planning a birthday party for your child can be a fun and exciting experience, but it can also be stressful trying to make sure everything is organized and runs smoothly. One popular party attraction that kids love is a bounce house. However, if you've never rented one before, you may be wondering what the process entails. In this article, we'll take a closer look at what to expect when renting a bounce house for your child's birthday party in New Lenox, from the initial set-up to the clean-up at the end of the day. With this information, you'll be able to plan and execute a fantastic party that your child and their friends will never forget.

What Are Bounce House Rentals

Bounce house rentals are a popular choice for children's birthday parties and other events. These inflatable structures, also known as moonwalks or jumpers, provide hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike.

Why Bounce House Rentals Are Popular For Kids' Birthday Parties In New Lenox

Bounce house rentals are popular for kids' birthday parties in New Lenox for several reasons.

Entertainment Value

Bounce houses are a fun and exciting addition to any party. Children love jumping and playing in colorful and inflatable structures.


Bounce houses come in a variety of sizes and designs, making them suitable for children of different ages. This versatility ensures that all the children at the party can participate and have fun.

Easy To Rent

Rental companies in New Lenox offer a variety of bounce houses to choose from and provide delivery and set-up services, making it easy for parents to rent and set up a bounce house for their child's party.


Bounce house rentals are relatively affordable, especially when compared to other forms of entertainment for kids' parties.


Bounce houses are made from durable and safe materials, and rental companies provide guidelines for safe use, ensuring that children can play and jump around without fear of injury.

Overall, bounce house rentals in New Lenox are a popular choice for kids' birthday parties because they provide a fun, age-appropriate, and safe entertainment option that is easy and affordable to rent.

Different Types Of Bounce House Rentals In New Lenox

There are various types of bounce house rentals available in New Lenox, including.

Classic Bounce Houses

These are the standard, traditional bounce houses that are typically square or rectangular, with four walls and an inflatable floor.

Combo Bounce Houses

These are larger bounce houses that combine elements of a classic bounce house with additional features like slides, climbing walls, and obstacles.

Water Slide Bounce Houses

These bounce houses feature a water slide that allows children to slide down into a small pool of water, providing a fun way to cool off during the hot summer months.

Interactive Bounce Houses

These bounce houses are designed with interactive elements such as basketball hoops, obstacle courses, and other games to keep children entertained.

Inflatable Slides

These are tall and steep inflatable slides, perfect for older children who are seeking an adrenaline rush.

Overall, there are many different types of bounce house rentals in New Lenox to choose from, providing parents with plenty of options to customize their child's party and ensure a fun-filled day.

Choosing The Right Bounce House For Your Child's Age And Interests

Choosing the right bounce house for your child's age and interests is important to ensure that they have a fun and safe experience at their party. Here are some factors to consider.

  • When selecting a bounce house for a child's birthday party, safety should be a primary consideration.
  • The size of the bounce house should be appropriate for the number of children attending the party, as well as the size of the area where it will be set up.
  • Care should be taken to ensure that the set-up and take-down of the bounce house are done correctly to maintain its integrity and safety.
  • Parents should check that the bounce house is free of tears or other damage before allowing children to play on it.
  • Cleaning of the bounce house should also be considered to ensure that it is left in the same condition it was in before the party.

Scheduling Delivery And Set-Up Time With The Rental Company In New Lenox

 Scheduling delivery and set-up time with the rental company in New Lenox is an important part of renting a bounce house. Here are some steps to follow.

Contact The Rental Company

Contact the rental company as early as possible to book your bounce house rental and schedule a delivery and set-up time. Be sure to ask about their availability and any delivery fees or restrictions.

Confirm Details

Make sure to confirm all the details of the rental, including the type of bounce house you have chosen, the rental period, and the price. You should also ask about any additional fees or charges.

Discuss Set-Up Time

Discuss the set-up time with the rental company and make sure that you will be available to meet them when they arrive. It's a good idea to schedule the set-up time for at least an hour before the party starts to allow for any unexpected delays.


Be prepared to make a payment when scheduling the rental and delivery/set-up time. Many rental companies require a deposit to hold the reservation, with the balance due on the day of the rental.

By following these steps, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free rental experience for your child's bounce house party in New Lenox.

Fun Activities To Do Inside A Bounce House

The bounce house itself is a fun activity for kids, but there are many ways to make it even more enjoyable. Here are some fun activities to do inside the bounce house.


The most obvious activity is to simply jump and bounce around inside the bounce house. Kids can have a great time bouncing to the music, trying different jumps, and competing with friends to see who can jump the highest.

Ball Pit

If your bounce house has a ball pit, add a few dozen plastic balls to create an extra fun activity. Kids can toss, kick, and throw the balls around, adding an element of playfulness to their time inside the bounce house.

Obstacle Course

If your bounce house has obstacles or an inflatable slide, set up an obstacle course inside the bounce house. Create different challenges for kids to complete, such as crawling through a tunnel or jumping over an inflatable barrier.

By incorporating these fun activities, your child's bounce house party in New Lenox will be even more exciting and memorable for everyone involved.

Finding The Best Bounce House Rental Company In New Lenox

If you're looking for a bounce house rental company in New Lenox, there are a few things to consider to ensure you find the best one for your needs. Here are some tips.

Check The Company's Reputation

Check customer reviews to see how the rental firm treated them. Ask friends and relatives who have hired bounce houses for advice.

Check The Rental Policies

Understand the rental company's delivery, setup, and collection regulations. Check whether the bounce house has weight or user limitations.

Ask About Safety Measures

A trustworthy rental provider will emphasize safety and maintain the bounce house. Ask about their bounce house anchoring and safety equipment.

Compare prices

While you don't want to sacrifice quality for a lower price, it's still a good idea to compare prices between different rental companies to ensure you're getting a fair deal.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can find the best bounce house rental company in New Lenox for your event.

Contact A Bounce House Rental Company In New Lenox

Bounce house rentals have become increasingly popular for kids' birthday parties in New Lenox. With their vibrant colors, fun designs, and endless entertainment possibilities, bounce houses provide a unique and exciting experience for kids of all ages.

When choosing a bounce house for your child's party, it is important to consider their age and interests, as well as schedule delivery and set-up time with the rental company. Finding a reputable and reliable rental company, such as Fun Bounces Rental, is crucial to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

With a wide selection of bounce houses and exceptional customer service, Fun Bounces Rental is a top choice for parents in New Lenox looking to make their child's birthday party a memorable one. So, if you're planning a birthday party for your child, be sure to get in touch with Fun Bounces Rental for all your bounce house rental needs.

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