Safely and Efficiently Deflating a Bouncy House

Bouncy houses are a great way to add fun and excitement to any event or party, providing hours of entertainment for both children and adults. However, it is essential to understand the weight capacity of a bouncy house for a safe and enjoyable experience for all jumpers. Deflating an inflatable house is a more complex process than it appears, and appropriate precautions must be taken to prevent it from being damaged. Before you start deflating the bouncy house, make sure that there are no people or objects left inside.

Then turn off the fan and unplug it. Remove the flanges from the outlets and undo any zippers that may be present. Once the house is almost empty of air, remove the anchors. Expel the last air out by walking on it.

As soon as the bouncy house is almost deflated, take off your shoes and walk to it, removing the anchor pegs from the ground and storing them in a safe place. When you open them, the deflation process will accelerate and, in a few seconds, the inflatable house will have lost most of its air. It's important to consider the age and physical abilities of the children who are going to use the bouncy house when choosing the right size and weight capacity. After that, fold the outer edges inward for a second time and walk over the bouncy house to blow out even more air. Carefully go through the bouncy house, especially around the bounce area, and be alert for any foreign objects that shouldn't be there, such as pens, pencils, jewelry, sticks, stones, debris, and anything else that shouldn't be there. When you're done with that, roll up the inflatable house and store it in a safe place. Overall, proper setup and safe inflation practices are essential for a successful inflatable house rental experience.

If you want your equipment to last longer, proper maintenance is key. Therefore, make sure to clean your bouncy house before deflating it.

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